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Effective Presentation Skills Training Program

March 7, 2013

Are you a business presenter? Do your presentation skills have an impact on your career? If yes, then sharpening your presentation skills with mediocre training programs is not enough. You need evaluate and find an effective presentation skills training program that will take your skills to the next level. In turn, this will boost your career and business.

Here are 3 critical points to help you assess any presentation skills program. Use it as a scale and get the best before committing your time and money to any training:

1. Vague tips and tricks Vs Clear step-by-step Process

Any skill that you learn in a training program needs to give you consistent results.

If you look carefully at the training brochure you will find words like tips for speaking, tricks to appear more confident, killer tips to amaze your audience. These are clearly programs that are going to be superficial. Look for words like clear process, step-by-step training program etc.

If they have a trademarked process, that is even better. A Minimalâ„¢ Process for Presentations, for example, teaches you such a step-by-step process that ensures you can create high-quality presentations – consistently.

Learning a structured process ensures that you get consistent results time after time.

2. Partial skills Vs Comprehensive Presentation Skills Training

Unfortunately most presenters don’t realize that presentation skills are not 1 but 3 skills rolled into 1.

Presentation Skills = Thinking Skills + Design Skills + Presenting Skills

Thinking skills help you put together a strong storyline. Design skills help you create engaging visual Slides. Presenting skills help you communicate clearly when speaking.

Does the training program only teach you presenting skills on body language? Then it addresses only the third part and this skill without the first two is not sufficient. Ask for more from your training.

3. Same old stuff Vs Something new

Rules for Presentation skills are developing and changing all the time due to cognitive studies that research human behavior. Is the training provider staying in touch with what’s new or are they teaching the same stuff for the past 15 years?

Check their slides posted online. Are they still using the same old bullet point stuffed slides? If they haven’t bothered to update themselves, then you are better off without their training, aren’t you?

If you see that the presentation skills trainers are indeed posting exciting new content online and their brochure shows they will be teaching something different and unique, then give them a big tick in your presentation skills training assessment form.

To conclude…

Once you find a program that matches these three criteria, you can be sure that it will help you sharpen your business presentation skills.

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